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                                                          My journey with painting began at a workshop in 2014. I knew I had to be there.  It was the time when I started listening to my intuition and my heart. Now I                                                              know that this was the best decision I have ever made for myself, my development and self-discovery.

                                                          Intuitive dance was part of the workshop and I decided to take part in it because I love dancing especially when I can express myself through movement with                                                            no one watching and judging. This kind of dance is like catharsis for the body and soul, it is healing in a way, it frees your soul up and brings closer to inner                                                              self.

                                                          The other part of the workshop was painting, which I was not that much interested in. I hadn’t painted since I was a kid and I knew nothing about it, was                                                                    happy to try but that was it. Day after day I got so much into creating on canvas that I was really looking forward to these sessions. When dance was once                                                                cancelled I was ecstatic and painted for nine hours. Did not want to leave canvas, paints and brushes. I just wanted to be connected to my canvas.

                                                          When the night came I went inside and kept painting. My connection with paint and canvas was beyond me and I can’t find right words now to describe what                                                            I felt. My inner journey was as colourful as the paint and I felt nothing but the joy of creation. I was flying and couldn’t believe that I finally found my magic                                                                  world, something that brings peace to my life, kind of meditation. My heart was filled with love and I just wanted to stay in that state, didn’t want to talk or get                                                            distracted, I was deeply connected with my inner self.

                                                          I became a child again and this was the most beautiful experience. We often forget that we still have that little person inside us. This child needs love and cuddle and more importantly she wants to explore and play which we very often forbid and forget about.

Following my intuition I awakened my passion, my passion to create. I understood what it means to create and where it can take me. Love and courage to follow my path was awakened, it was one way ticket. This path not always is easy but definitely worth it.

I believe that we came to this world to create, to create our world around us, to inspire and be inspired. Everything comes from our hearts and by seeing with our hearts and listening to our intuition we will always find the right path for us.

The workshop was five years ago and I have been painting since then, I have not stopped and I love every moment of it. I am discovering some kind of a magic world, my world where I feel at peace.

Every time when I paint I feel extreme love and happiness and I am grateful that I can experience this. I love first stroke of the brush, the smell of the paint and colours on canvas. I allow my intuition and heart to lead me, I don’t think I feel. Painting is already there; I only use colours and shapes to tell the story. I let it flow and I paint till there is no more space for even one dot. 

I paint with love and deeply from my heart. It is intuitive painting and I don’t even try to do it differently as I know it would not work for me. The final result is not the most important, the most important is the journey, this beautiful journey that shows me my true me and transform anything that needs to be transformed to become a better version of me.

Painting is a meditation for me and deep connection with my inner self, it helps me to be in a present moment. Thanks to it I can stop and think for a moment, stop to see the world around and contemplate what comes to me.

I am at the beginning of my journey but I know and feel that I am going the right direction and I have no plans to stop. I desire to share my creation with others. 

I deeply trust that if we start listening to our intuition and follow our heart we will discover amazing things that sometimes are asleep inside us. We just need to give ourselves a chance and look for our gifts. I believe that every and each of us has a talent and passion inside, we just need to open our hearts and search for it. Opening our hearts lead to fulfilment and if we do what we do with love we can’t go wrong. As Van Gogh said ‘what is done with love is done well’. 



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